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Der musikalische text THE MAIN LINE von MEGANOIDI ist auch in dem Album vorhanden Into the darkness, into the moda (2001)

Into the darkness, into the moda


The main line

I'm looking for all my footsteps (no regrets)
it's just my natural need to hold on the line
with what I have been
what is today means nothing it's coming back
it's getting back it's own meaning

and I was just waiting for a bridge like this
I'll keep on looking for the words which make me feel
good everywhere

You remind me of a grate moment in my life
and I enjoy myself finding you the same

the best remedy for my stomachache
I can't justify myself anymore

sometimes I miss myself
I miss the one who was smiling
so indifferent about his own business
this is the only way to turn my music
my lyrics into what I really want
into what I really need to be

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Meganoidi is a group formed in 1997. Their discography includes Outside the Loop, Stupendo Sensation, Supereroi vs. Municipale, And Then We Met Impero, Granvanoeli and Into the Darkness, Into the Moda.

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