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Der musikalische text KING OF SKA? von MEGANOIDI ist auch in dem Album vorhanden Into the darkness, into the moda (2001)

Into the darkness, into the moda


King of ska?

As you know, I was the king of rock'n roll
I played guitar with my soul
but I just can't remember how to do it now
I'll sing for you just a little bit of Ska
I'll be the king of Ska

As you can see
something is changing around me
even my smile is changing style
now I knowI remember what to do because
I've got the groove which is making me move


Till the end I was the famous one man band
but they have changed my smile
they have changed my style

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Meganoidi is a group formed in 1997. Their discography includes Outside the Loop, Stupendo Sensation, Supereroi vs. Municipale, And Then We Met Impero, Granvanoeli and Into the Darkness, Into the Moda.

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