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Der musikalische text ONE MAN BAND von MEGANOIDI ist auch in dem Album vorhanden Into the darkness, into the moda (2001)

Into the darkness, into the moda


One man band

I'm not just a one man band
tell me what's wrong
I'll help you if I can
meanwhile I'll keep singing for you

You're not just a O.M.B
give me your advice
just tell me what's the price
your story is never gonna end

I'm not just a O.M.B
I play for a living
with me people never stand
I'm playing for you too

You're not just a O.M.B
you play for a living
with you people understand
well I'm still thinking of you

We know you're not just an O.M.B
but people think they understand
you play so easily your guitar
you're slowly making us get fat
and we believe in you

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Meganoidi is a group formed in 1997. Their discography includes Outside the Loop, Stupendo Sensation, Supereroi vs. Municipale, And Then We Met Impero, Granvanoeli and Into the Darkness, Into the Moda.

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