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Der musikalische text LOVE SONG von MEGANOIDI ist auch in dem Album vorhanden Into the darkness, into the moda (2001)

Into the darkness, into the moda


Love song

Yes it's really late and now
I've got less than three days
to write the words
of this my brand new song
the last emotion has gone
so please don't keep on asking me
to talk about you...
now the stage is getting closer
and I am here again
no more thoughts on my mind
and nothing special to say
don't ask me to be untrue
to talk about you...
cause I don't feel insane enough
to talk about my own disease
cause I don't feel in love enough
to talk about you...

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Meganoidi is a group formed in 1997. Their discography includes Outside the Loop, Stupendo Sensation, Supereroi vs. Municipale, And Then We Met Impero, Granvanoeli and Into the Darkness, Into the Moda.

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