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Carlo Alberto


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Little things

I was on my own, looking for the sun
But all I could see was, my own blackened soul
If I was like a lion, I wouldn’t run away
But now I’m like a wanderer, having nowhere to stay.
All I wanna do is stop
Stopping all the Earth for a moment
Only stop seeing this world
Through a blurred, scarred lens
The whole world has changed, I’ve got to deal with it
I’m so scared about, what it will be
But the only thing I want
The only things I hold on to
Are all the little things, in life
Focus on simple actions
No matter what happens (su di nota)
Like drinking hot tea in a rainstorm
Or warming up with a burning flame.
I could run through a million bullets
It makes me feel better
I might fall and rise up again
But I will face all the pain
Where did all my dreams go?
What do I keep searching for?
I don’t know who to turn to!
Confusion’s all I’ve got!

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