Carlo Alberto

Carlo Alberto


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In the hardest times

She’s my light, with her weaknesses and securities
Ready, to help me out, whatever problem I had.
When I had nowhere to go,
When my soul was nearly lost,
I always saw a light.
In the hardest times, she was on my shoulder, like an angel
In the hardest times, I knew I could count on her!
Drowning in my thoughts, i think of all the crazy battles, I fought.
And I try to find, all the reasons why I, just love you so.
In the darkness of those times, I knew I would make it through, only because of
And my voice becomes the way, to tell you thank you for the force, you give me
She’s human, one of the others but she knew, how to make smile, when I
thought I’d lose it all.
And I’m still waiting for your help, I can’t make it all alone, I know that you’ll
always be there.

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