The Casket Lottery

The Casket Lottery



The Casket Lottery is a three-piece indie rock band from Kansas City, Missouri. The band started in 1997 after Nathan Ellis spent time on the road with Coalesce. He and Stacy struck up an instant friendship and love for music beyond the hardcore and metal roots of Coalesce. After leaving Coalesce in the fall of 97' Ellis assumed bass duties, filling the hole left by Stacy's departure. A chance meeting at a local benefit show reunited Nathan and Stacy once again at which time , he presented Stacy with the basement tracks that would end up on the Diver cassette and Dot,Dot. They found a perfect compliment to there musical background in a then 15 year old drumming phenom Nathan (Jr.) Richardson. The band has toured across the United States numerous times (with Reflector, Small Brown Bike, Rocky Votolato, Proudentall, and Limbeck among others) as well as released a healthy number of records. The band is currently (mid-2006) on hiatus, as singer Nathan Ellis works on a record and plays shows with his new bands Jackie Carol and Able Baker Fox, and drummer Nathan "Junior" Richardson joined Appleseed Cast, completing several tours as well as recording on their album "Peregrine." He has subsequently quit The Appleseed Cast. Both Nathans are members of the reformed Coalesce. The band's future is unknown, but they refuse to classify The Casket Lottery as "broken up".

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