Songtext Special lady von Mr. Criminal

Special lady

(feat. K.O. & Fingazz)

Your My Special Lady

As I Take A Look Into Your Eyes, It's Like I'm Hypnotized. Now I Understand
The Definition Of Natural High. Straight Floatin To The Sky. Don't Wanna See
You Cry. Just Wanna Hold You And Caress You And Keep You By My Side.
Until The Day I Die, Would You Be Down To Ride For Me. Would You Be Willin
To Put That Drama To The Side. You Know I'm Down For You Baby, So Are You
Down With Me? This Track Is Dedicated To My Special Lady

It Feels Like Paradise
Knowin That Your My Special Lady
I Can't Believe My Eyes
You Really Are My Special Lady

And You Know How That Drama Goes. Always On The Road, Travelin State To
State, Catchin Flights, Doin Shows. And When I'm Finally Home, It's Like It
Never Stops. Always In The Studio Droppin Vocals, Makin It Hot But Baby Girl
I'm Tryin To Take This Music To The Top. So I Could Provide My Special Lady

What She Wants. I Know That Love Is Really Stronger Then Those Other Things
But Baby Girl You Are So Special You Deserve The Finer Things. Forget The
Drama And Baby Let's Runaway And With This Ring It Means I Love You Till My
Dyin Days. Girl Dont Cry Today.No More Fights And Pain And Baby Girl Pay
Very Close Attention To What I Say. Youve Always Kept It Real Baby. Your So
Incredible. The Moments We Share And Spend Is Really Unforgettable.
Where Ever Theres You Theres Me. Where Ever Theres Me Theres You.
Youve Always Kept It True. Thats Why Its Dedicated To You


Girl You Made Me Realize
And I Know Its No Surprise That Im In Love With You
Your My Peaches And Cream
Lookin Out For My Dreams, Girl All I Want Is You
And No One Else But You

And I Mean It Baby Your Are My Very Special Lady. Times Are Gettin Crazy
You Never Fail To Amaze Me And I Miss You Lady I Need Your Lovin Come
And Save Me. Life Can Be So Shady. That's Why I Cherish You My Lady And
Baby I Really Need You And Baby I Really Love You. Thats A Promise That I
Mean Ill Never Place No One Above You. Yo Te Amo Suavecita Mi Linda
Con Todo Mi Corazon Mi Vida