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Santana is the group featuring Carlos Santana, often considered one of the greatest guitarist of the modern age, who mainly play rock with a latino flavor. Carlos was born in Mexico, in Autlan de la Grana, Jalisco, before his family moved to Tijuana. There he learned about making music from his musician father, who played in a mariachi group, entertaining the tourist trade. Young Carlos's influences were the early bluesmen and the early rockers of the 50s and 60s. Tijuana proved to be his early training ground playing in and out of the cantinas, learning and plying his trade. Even after the family migrated to the United States, he stayed behind, learning and refining his talent. He eventually rejoined the family living in the Bay area of California and eventually began his first group, The Santana Blues Band, who eventually became the group we know as Santana.

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