The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady


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She was twisting in the bucket seats and switching through the stations on the radio
On the top floor of the parking ramp gazing off across the Gulf of Mexico
Waiting for the phone to ring to hit you with the update on the miracle
The steps are pretty simple but depression makes this dance craze much more difficult

There's always some frustration
That's part of the appeal
So let's finish up the holiday
And then see how we feel
Either way I hope you won't take it so personal

And it's hard for him to fathom
What more he could have done
Asked the server for a set up
But the closure never comes
So much for seeking safety in municipals

On a bar up on a roof. A facsimile of fun.
She says she's got a couple lovers
Yeah he's not the only one
He's just the only one that went up to the roof with her

And it's too much information
Yeah, the circuitboard is jammed
A breakup in Perdido. That was probably not the plan.
Staggered by this newest piece of truth from her

Met up with some rippers who were napping on the scaffolds at the city beach
Asked them if they knew somewhere that he could get an update for the software suite
He gave them twenty for the number. They gave zero guarantees.
He said we need some new distraction. She guesses she agrees.

But she wishes he wouldn't take this all so personal
Sometimes there's some safety in reciprocals
These millionaires are mostly into multiples
Maybe try the guy again

It's a bit after the season so we got a decent rate
The guests were kind of messy and the weather wasn't great
But still we're gonna stay here until the package ends

It's a sticky situation. It's the bottom of the pan.
It's the stench of burning circuits in a mediocre man
Maybe we're just better off as party friends

At a bar down by the water pouring bubbles into rum
Says she's got a couple lovers. Yeah, you're not the only one.
You're just the only one that wants to spend the week with me

At a condo in a complex off the causeway near the beach
Watching for the phone call. Waiting on the tv.
You're just the only one that wants to spend the week with me
Waiting out the weekend in Perdido Key

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New York five-piece The Hold Steady have released three albums to increasing acclaim. Led by Craig Finn, they formed in 2000 and released debut album Almost Killed Me in 2004 to warm reviews. Second album Separation Sunday followed the next year, and was considered by some critics to be among the best albums of the year. Third album Boys And Girls In America (2006) was an even bigger success, with writers praising the bands progression. Again, it was a front-runner in several end-of-year polls.

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