Songtext One for quartabê/right now von Madlib

One for quartabê/right now

This shit here feels like a whole entire world collapsed

That shit ain't fuckin', like, this ain't a game
You feel what I'm sayin'?
Yo, I'ma see y'all, y'all—his little assistant's over there
I think his cannon is a little loose
Screwdriver-driver to just tighten up one of them screws inside of his skull over there
Might need a new pair of socks or some—
Pshh, get outta here

(**** outta here, man)

Right now
(You've got to change your mind, yeah)
So go right now
(Make me feel the love, yeah)
(Got to change your mind if you want m?)
So go right now
So go
Right now