42 Dugg

42 Dugg


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I never judged you


Yeah, I ain't ever ask for acceptance, I guess it mess with 'em
Police come, I ain't on from nothing, not even a Mexican
Is it a thot? Let me know, and I'll stop fucking this nigga's bitch
City shit, ask all the killers who got the city lit
I don't have no hate out of jealousy, I got stretcher shit
Plant it carefully, cut out, 'bout hundred times, I've measured it
What you telling me? 'Cause it's true to street shit over licking
They ride up and they took him like you ain't know we was pissin'
Whenever I pop outsid?, nigga, I be wilding and they be lookin'
If a nigga I don't lik? ever blow up rapping then I'm gon' book him
If it's up with us, you can't quit, we gon' spank shit like a whipper
The streets ain't [?]

I'm on these pussies
Six thousand for the black cherry gelato, this ain't cookie
A hundred thousand, a couple of bottles, who want Duggie?
Ayy, y'all boogies, still the mix the wood
You know I ain't fuck her, but she was looking
On both my brothers, I get truffles, the real truffles
That come in duffels, I don't smoke, I sold a couple
Just off the muscle, he ain't hustle, boy, I don't trust 'em
Bitch, free my uncle, if I don't bust you, I'd probably punch you
Yeah, for no reason, 'cause I want to
Nigga, what you gon' do?
You know I'm lit, you know I'm piping
Hundred jeans on a bike, only drove [?]
Come through, I got 'em
Know you beat that body, but know [?]
You up and we even
R.I.P Reece 'cause I love you, I ain't ever judge you
I ain't been the same since I lost my granny, since I lost my brother
How y'all ain't here to see me win?
Help me count these M's
Know I fell off with a couple friends
Niggas want my mans
Three hundred thousand on the Benz, probably do it again
And if I catch another one lacking, I'ma shoot again
Ayy, tell my cousin that I love him, I'm never judging
I ain't been the same since I lost my granny, since I lost my brother
And if I could I'd probably hug 'em, look at me thuggin'

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