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Hilda ogden and the thick plottens

some things are best left unsaid
you shouldn't but you did
now you really wish you hadn't
because it's all gone sour
dropped 'round your ankles
mad got mad got fucking mental
when you found out what its worth
a windscreen full of parking tickets
you didn't mean to make it all worse
but now you know
dropped right in, slap of the truth
times up, truth popped up behind you
you should have shut your mouth
reeled in hook line and sinker
each week the plot gets deeper
watch percy sugden on springer
the keystone cops chasing godzilla down
chigley high st. trying to catch the last laugh
that fil reel just wont stop try thunderbirds
they might save the plot for you

who told you you're a fucking jedi
things went from bad to worse
to alphabetti spagetti

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UK punk band

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