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Good night on earth

Once upon a time, mom and dad felt fine
Thought it was time for a birth
Ever since then the trouble never ends
But it's a good night on earth

Get nothing going is a sweet lament
Doing what you gotta do is all you got
Gather up the things and run to the void
Remember what you been taught

Soak it all in like tonic and gin
Everything for what it's worth
Is relative, but look my friend
It's a good night on earth

Once upon a time I was feeling fine
And you know that time is now
Nothing gonna wreck it, you know I can't deflect it
I always do so now

Everyone's a critic, I can't stand heels
So says Colin Firth
Rain on my parade, then the clouds fade
It's a good night on earth

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Alt rock band Eels is primarily the work of one man, musician, singer-songwriter Mark Oliver Everett (also known as, Man Called E, Mr. E, or simply E; son of famed physicist Hugh Everett III). Everett formed the Eels with drummer Butch Norton and bassist Tommy Walter (also known as stage name Abandoned Pools) in 1995 when his solo career stalled. They quickly found fame with the release of their first album Beautiful Freak when a track from the album, "Beloved Monster" was used in the film Shrek. However it is their second album Electro-Shock Blues, which is considered Eels magnum opus. Written during a time of great personal tragedy for Everett (his sister committed suicide and his mother had terminal lung cancer). Eels have released six studio albums the most recent was 2005's Blinking Lights and Other Revelations, which is a deeply personal trip the Everett's spirituality and sanity, it is critically acclaimed but not commercially successful.

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