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Fuck them bouncers up

(feat. Lil Jon)

[Chorus 1: Lil Jon]
Now If you don't give a fuck
Like we don't give a fuck
Then throw your motherfuckin finges in da air
If you don't give a fuck
Like we don't give a fuck
Then throw your motherfuckin clicks in da air

[Chorus 2: Lil Jon]
Fuck them bouncerz up
Fuck them bouncerz up
Fuck them bouncerz up
Fuck them bouncerz up (Bitch)
Fuck them bouncerz up (Bitch)
Fuck them bouncerz up (Bitch)

[Verse 1: Skillz]
Move bitch get out the way
Skillz and Play comin thru yo way
New range for the game its all the same
Yeahh now put yo hood up on it
Give a fuck I'm sick of all you bouncerz in da club outside
just showin love
Which eva motherfucka wanna see skillz
Just look at the wheel you know fo real
No challenger new to the game
Look at the calender who you ain't
Live in throwbacks
What kinda shit is dat
Doo rag for the hat
Watch me sneak through the back
And it doesn't make sense
Watch me pop a 'vent
But you still can catch me in da club like 50 cent
Fuck a dress code
Y'all know as soon I'm famous I'ma go
In da club for free like 106
Runnin the park I see you bitch
If thats your lady Mercedes
I'm takin the keys
Havin the pumpin da pump in da track
Skillz N Play wit da beats that'll make you jump

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

[Verse 2: Paul Wall]
Now I hate to get blood on my reebok classics
Mean Muggin in da club gets you jumped like Guymnastics
Street life for tackticks
Allow me to mention
Why it's important you invest in auto theft provention
Cuz while I'm inside starting a fight wit security
You in the parking lot a cause for Currensy
I hope you got a worrenty on them Sprewells cuz
My boys get a pull on water
Like them empty sea shells cuz
My boys get ride out like Chicken and popeye
Buddy they leave bloody bruised and cockeyed
Play N skillz leave you in that bed in Miami
In the hospital bed on that jelliten diet
Playa its goin down it's goin down
Bouncers in da club better beware
It's Paul Wall in that candy blue somethin'
Cuz if you don't like it you better do somethin'

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

[Verse 3: Play]
No need to pat me down when I enter da club
I got a bitch wit a gucci bag and shes stashin my gloves
Motherfuckaz iz actin'
Like my boyz be playin'
We jump playa hatin bouncerz
And The gunz get to sprayin
We pop trunks
Get the pumps
And the roaches in the shells
Come home wit da clips and the shells yeahh
Bitch and we don't give a fuck
Just give me some henny
Gimme some 'cris
With Remy and watch dis shit
I'm not here to be playin
I'm here wit da birds
I'll put your voice down your throat and make you swallow your words
No id's and fuck a dress code
Who gives a fuck about these hoes
I ain't here to impress
I'm here to collect dollars
Pop a few bottles hit a few models
And they won't know after tommorow
So fuck what you sayin who you are and who you clamin
I get to sparyin hittin cars
While Im taking some shots

[Chorus 1: x2]
[Chorus 1: x2]

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