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Der musikalische text FTO von TRIP LEE ist auch in dem Album vorhanden The epilogue (2023)

The epilogue



Half watching movies, tapping melodies out
Been fighting boredom like a featherweight bout
All my ambitions get ahead of me count
All the ways I let my pride get the best of me
Trying to promote the rest
Is all that motivation in me for clout?
Told my spirit give a shout when you figure this out
Tell my fears they can rest in peace
Resisting dreaming about my destiny
That don't seem like the recipe, the recipe
Drowning, I can't swim in this doubt
Dying of thirst in this drought
This mad city got me way past out of gas
And bro, I'm out my weight class bout to crash
Can I last enough to get these sentences out?
My inner voice is getting sinister
"Does Mr. Minister still even believe in what he minister 'bout?"
Focused on living this out
Been trying to figure this out

Father, can you keep me?
Flesh be trying to lead me
Off a cliff so steep, we can't forget we sheep see
Can you meet me where I'm walking weakly?
I can't just pray weekly, pull me to the feast, please
I be losing focus
Quickly world can get me hit me with that Hocus Pocus
Fit me for my armor, I'll resist when they approach us
I hate all these locusts, wanna obey with no fuss
And just do what you told us, told us

Oh, the joys of being stupid and young
Dreaming there's no limit to what you could become
Plans made in stone, never sand, holding closed every hand
Assuming joy, it just flows on demand
But it's way more rare than you guess
The more I grew, the more I found I knew less
And every day's a new mess
A new stage to show His strength
And now I'm trying to do less
Cause when I tried to float I sank, reminded I been clueless
Life is like the new chess, faith is like my new vest
I just let them rounds bounce off, 'cause they never shoot less
We watch each other back, they've been coming near at our crew neck
It's life a gamble? You bet, but He's never seen a new threat
To the Ancient of Days, who creates every page
Never late, never age
Let Him take center stage
And when them waves raise way above my pay grade
All I say is, "mayday"

Father, can you use me?
I've been going through these trials
They abuse me, fool and confuse me
Can you boost me? Please don't hold me loosely
If you gon' take me through, please
Help me see what you see
I be losing focus
Quickly world can get me hit me with that Hocus Pocus
Fit me for my armor, I'll resist when they approach us
I hate all these locusts, wanna obey with no fuss
And just do what you told us, told us

The more I know, the more I know I don't
The more I try to fly, the more I know I won't
Flapping arms won't turn them into wings
So on them them everlasting arms then I'ma lean
Insurrection won't turn us into kings
Ignoring dirt ain't how you make it clean
The more I see, the more I know I'm blind
The more I watch, the less I know the time

On my way to where I'll stay, Still got a ways to go
Father, keep me on your way, don't let me forsake your road
On my way to where I'll stay, still got a ways to go
In the morning, when the morning comes
The morning, yeah

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