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Cuzzi's revenge

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Cuzzi, yeah, turn me up
Yeah, yeah

If you ain't know you better know
Stuck at the bottom, shakin' up the globe
Prince of the city, comin' for the throne
Still undercover tryna cover Vogue
Comin' from the cold, you know how it go
This for the niggas that hated man
This is for the days in that mini-van
This for the days could have moved to Chicago
Instead I went back to Toronto and changed the whole city
You really can't see what I did
Babies, five months, they jump out the crib
Hit you like Tyson with blows to the rib
Second guessin' like I know I'm the shit
**** pay me some millions, it wasn't enough
Had to back out the label 'cause they wasn't cuttin' it

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