Songtext Take back doug graham von Blindman'S Holiday

Take back doug graham

Relaxing revolt sounds
Distant arm chair delight
Solemn worry whethers
And hold you with all my might

Breathe the mist in the summer sun
Winter air around
Collection for the righteous one
Deliver me from sound

Rhythm run the dance of rain
And reals the rules of thunder
You can't hold in a pool of sadness
Cause it will come from under

You got the solution buried in the sand
Keep on diggin' and take back, take back
All of your land

Now the landscape reaches unreal
Past the time to what you feel
Your playin' time in a watch band
Got the smaller end of the deal

Civil unrest crowds the streets
In a time of a changing nation
Another war, another shore
We're all losing our patience
Stop that man from taking your land
Holy place forsaken
Cover your head and protect your friend
Your mind starts to shakin'
Your holding the feeling
Strangest color green
Stop looking behind you and check out
Check out this scene

You've got the solution strangest color green
Keep on diggin' and take back, take back

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