The Auteurs

The Auteurs


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Light aircraft on fire

When you cut your lover´s slack
you´ll get a fucking monster back
information indiscreet-
it´s just an acrobatic trick
disintergrates at 2000 feet
vanishes into mercury
light aircraft on fire
tombestone queen victoria
was an ex wing-walker
everybody ignored her
everybody implored her to-
vainsh in to the radio
disappear in the waveband slow
light aircraft on fire
disintergrate at 2000 feet
disappear into mercury
there´s a dark premonition an accident will happen
theres a pre-science preacher in the cabin
everybody eat your dust
everybody love your dust
lifgt aircraft on fire

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The Auteurs were a British alternative rock band of the 1990s and a vehicle for the songwriting talents of Luke Haines (guitar, piano and vocals).

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