Songtext Bert's blanket von Sesame Street

Bert's blanket

Bert's alone in bed, Ernie's bed is empty and Bert says:
This is great! Ernie's sleeping over at The Count's tonight so I have the place all to myself. For once, I know he's not going to wake me up. No surprises, just peace and quiet. I'll just settle in under my blanket and go to sleep.
Music starts playing
Perhaps I spoke too soon!
Door opens and sheep start coming in the room
Sheep: Baaa, come on he's not asheep yet!
We just thought you might like to know where your blanket came from.
Bert: My blanket? I know where my blanket came from!
Sheep: A blanket begins in a faraway place
Where skies are blue and there's lots of space
The nights are cold and we sleep outside
To keep warm and toasty we grow hair on our hide
But when spring comes round the weather is warm
A thick woolly coat loses all of its charm
We're itchy and hot 'till the rancher arrives
To give us each a haircut and brighten up our lives
He grabs a big bag and he gathers the wool
And he stuffs and he crams 'till the bags are full
He throws 'em on the truck 'till it's piled up high
Then he climbs into the driver's seat and says "goodbye"
That's the story of Bert's blanket
That's the story of Bert's blanket
That's the story of Bert's blanket
Bert: Hey sheep! Hey sheep, aren't ya going to tell what happens next?

Sheep: Oh so I suppose someone waves a magic wand and POOF!
Our wool turns into a blanket and lands on your beeeeeed
Bert: Nooooo, that's not what happens to your wool. Now listen,
It goes to a mill before it lands in bed
'Cause it's gotta be twirled into long strong thread
Then it's gotta get dyed to a nice dull grey
Then woven into cloth before it's sent on its way
Get the picture?
Sheep: Yes we see
Bert: Well there's more
A few more touches and it goes to a store
Where it's put on a shelf, it's not long before
A warm grey blanket catches someone's eye
He says "Hey, that's the blanket I've been longing to buy!"
Sheep: Well I'll be dagnabbed. So that's what happens!
Bert: So when you climb in bed before you go to sleep
As you snuggle in your covers please think of these sheep
Sheep: We'll be back on the range and doing our beeeest
To keep those blankets coming from our ranch in the weeest
That's the story of Bert's blanket (repeated)
Bert: Hey it's kinda late for you guys to be heading for your ranch,
There's plenty of room here if you'd like to sleep over,
See no one's using Ernie's bed. Huh?
Sheep: Oh great, sounds great, thanks!
Bert, as the sheep start piling into his bed: No, Ernie's bed, not my bed!
Bert just sighs and gives in.

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