Songtext Alphabet soup von Sesame Street

Alphabet soup

Narrator: While fishing for dinner one day,
a boy caught a big letter A.
He then caught a B,
a C, D, and E,
and an F, G, H, I, J and K.
Unhappy, the boy sat and thought--
Boy: I can't eat these letters I caught!
I must catch some fish
to fill up my dish [holds up an empty bowl],
or my whole afternoon is for naught!
Narrator: But as soon as his hook hit the sea,

he caught L, M, N, O and P
and a Q, R, S, T
and a U and a V
and a W, X, Y and Z.
[Boy throws letters onto a huge pile as he catches them]
Now hungry, he stared at the group.
Then suddenly, grabbing a scoop
[Boy runs off-screen and returns with a ladle]
he had a bright notion
and cooked up a potion
[cut to Boy standing next to large pot on a fire, filled with letters; Boy holds a bowl filled with more letters in his hand]
and feasted on alphabet soup.

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