Songtext Waves of murky drift von Euphoreador

Waves of murky drift

As the waves crash against me
Seems soaring to land ho
There is no love here
It was swept away
But when I knew it
Lingered long
But under these waves even now they pummel me
Like a catastrophe thrown in typhoon swell
White squall give it to me your all
And then it's helter-skelter
And left behind I'm a floating pinion in this bedevilment
Can't even hide
My arms are tied
My body leaches this way and that
I can not even float right

Sinking is my empty
Sinking is my plight
Here we go again
My arms collect the fluids of neglect
The plan to cull
The can't-tackle
The shiva we don't need
Raining waters
Wind biting as wile
I'm caught in the murky drift_
Is there still a chance to learn how to swim
But when I knew the course to take
Problems last a lifetime, then we know
Lengths of time are what we hold and let go
We made up time
It's our concept
And in the winds are awesome swept

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