Songtext Thrash house party von Common Enemy

Thrash house party

Thrash House Party !
Show’s all over got nothing to do
Grab your boards and Grab your booze
Find ourselves the open house
I’m gonna thrash, so shut your mouth

Thrash House Party !

Bombing in off your mom’s couch
I’m gonna drink till the keg runs out
Partying hard and playing fast
All fucked up until I crash

Thrash House Party !

Windows are broken and tables are smashed
Skating drunk till I fall on my ass
Breaking everything in the lease
Common Enemy house wrecking spree

WHOA… this party’s fucking rad
Everybody raise up your cans
Cause when we come to town we’re gonna bring the party
Everyone at the show your all invited
This is what we do, and we’re always having fun
Out getting wasted till the next show comes

Shows all over with nothing to do
So grab your boards and grab your booze

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