Songtext 20 cent girl (america held hostage) von A.G.

20 cent girl (america held hostage)

[40 second skit to open about a girl with a finger in her ass]

The Dirty Version, G.D. motherfuckers

I got a girl with a girlfriend, she blow trees
Push V's and rock constant, shit
Just when I thought I had the bomb dick
I caught her cheatin but I kept it on some calm shit

Check me out yo
Now I met shorty 'bout 3 years ago, my type
We get dirty everywhere we go, get hype
From the telly to the studio, flicks cars and parks
Used to see me in the dark, I sparked
And I lounge and I chill with it
Smack it and flip it and ill with it
Intelligent type, I build with it
And if I ain't with her, I'm probably delf
Had to flip when she told me she was fuckin somebody else
One of my niggaz? Don't tell me it's him
Had to pause when she said it's her girlfriend Kim

What?! Say word son, stop playin
(Word son, that shit flipped me out son)
(That shit got me buggin right now)
What, what'chu gon' do son
(I don't even know what I'ma do son)

(I might have to get dirty)
(Straight might have to get dirty with both of 'em)

[Chorus: plays in background behind Interruption]

Son I met the other chick, we kicked it, blase blah
Next was menage-a-trois in a Hyundai car
And my shorty's buggin cause I'm wit it
She really thought I wouldn't hit it
Had to touch 'em both with the diddick
Now it's on yo and I'm pourin Mo'
My girl and her friend and it ended up porno
It ain't no wrong ho, I'm in beast mode
But they love it when I perform slow
That's the norm though
They feelin me, but better know that I'm out for the long dough
Stop my shine and I'm gone ho (bye bye)
But I'ma be patient and see, what the future look like for them and me
Now when I bounce, it's reservations for three
And I let 'em get they dirt on when I got places to be
(Just them two) while they waitin for me
We pack the showers, three be in the jacuzzi, catch a flick
Cause that's that shit, get head through the movie


[Chorus Two]
It's kinda real, but I'm tired of the nonsense
She asked if I wanna join, I had no comment
I kept my poise then I calmly responded
I had her open, fuck you both, so let's start this - and get dirty

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