Songtext What now von Burning Tree Project

What now

Something today
Takes me away

You take me there
You take me there

WHAT NOW, WHAT NOW, what do I do
Staggered steps keep kicking me down
WHAT NOW, WHAT NOW, what do I do now
A waste land of men keep letting me down

Feel it wash away
Today I'm not afraid

As lives, laced in fire
Tortured, and torn in half

Torched, both bare hands
For bearing, handfuls of sand
Quivering lonely, lost lands
Lingering, The ends of the roads
Cut down the center, my soul
Bleeding, waiting
Which way to go
Which way to separate from the sorrow
Eating me now,
Need to follow, frustrated fumbling this,
I can?t take it, reject it, take it back,
Going with the first hand extended
First hand embracing this,
Pleading, needing, wanting direction
You take me away, you take me away
You take me there, you take me there
Will they ever say, saying things I want
Will there ever be, Be things I want

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