Songtext Light the black flame von Vergelmer

Light the black flame

Darkness fall over my cold northland
Winds of purest ice Blow over the fatherland of forest and might
Light dies down, as it's death is at hand
Coniferous Forest borne down by snow
Never again shall there be unpure life in my proud kingdom
Children of Yahweh fear the dark for they know their destiny
The hour of vengeance is struck
'Hear my summoning all you creatures of darkness!'

Our time has come
The spawn of light shall pay for they deeds
Never shall we forgive
With their blood the lambs shall expiate their crimes
And for them the blood of christ shall not be shed

Again shall steel strike steel
Again shell steaming blood be she'd in frozen ground
For him the sword has felled, whose steel is my heart
And whose edge is my word
Thou art the lamb beneath my foot!

[repeat verse]

"as the wolves we take the lambs from the flock
For I am every wolf of the winterforest
I am the raven of black, Flying high above the trees
I am the all-seeing"
"My eyes is that of the raven, my eye is that of the evil one
Nothing shall be spared from my wrath, never can you defeat me
For the sword is not forged that can be measured against my word
Of infinite power, that which lights the black flame in the hearts of a
Thousands warriors"

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