Songtext Jam song von Burning Tree Project

Jam song

There's nothing in this world I long for more
Than to feel you here, don't disappear
There's nothing in this world I desire more
Than to do your will, this is what I feel

Tongue of many swords which reflect
Through dialect high tech Christ sent
Symbolic logic, anti-venomous chemist
Works incredibly tremendous
Using power of the super intelligent, relevant

To all creation constant war against satan
Fusion, mental delusion
Polluted by the works of the world blindfolded
Souls corroded and brains overloaded
Memory compressing known obligation
Righteous elevation,
Meditation trapped by my own concentration
Dedicate plus devastate hate which calibrates

The sun sets in a blaze gray daze pressed waves
Mildly suppressed by the echoes and delays of yesterday
fill today, dismay begins, dismay begins

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