Songtext Care von Agresión


My silent smile my hidden cry
My silent smile is there just
Hiding all what youÂ?ve done
I guess this time you donÂ?t wanna fight
I guess I have to accept you are for whoever tries
I know that all your friends make fun of my disgrace
I know you lead them
I know that everytime you leave you spit my name
I know you donÂ?t

Care, you just donÂ?t care

I canÂ?t get away from this because
Trying is sometimes so far from my hands up

I say that I miss
But I canÂ?t feel what I had and now is lost

My only friend has been this chair
My only friend since walking for me is dreaming awake
I bet thatÂ?s why you can stay awake
I bet thatÂ?s why you told me IÂ?m not lonely no way
I know you feel that IÂ?m too heavy for your wings
I know you feel that
I know that you donÂ?t have respect for all of this
I know you donÂ?t

You crash my future
And then you want me
To think you now
Can fix my present

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