Songtext Battered bone von Euphoreador

Battered bone

All we are is ancient news
Which is give and witches use
A pandering to care for me
I am the brackish watered
Sea-son of one when is life done

And all we are is battered bone
What is love and disown
Hi dear female human clone
Rancoured jargon is my own-ly
Advance by chance

There is no light

'Cause it's dark and dank
In dire need

I need you go with godspeed
Cause it's blank and bust
In all that I trust is freed
Persevere I must
This is my goddamn creed

So where is the light
Now that you go
Learn to bye
We don't see eye to eye
The wages of divining
Why don't we sublimingly free
Ourselves from this world
Hand in hand
It's only love in demand
Let's codify let's see the lie
What's of your concession reply

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