Songtext Angel of mercy von Dahong Palay

Angel of mercy

I don't know where I'm going
And sometimes I just don't care
I've been around the places,
Searching just to find
That you're not there
I can't go on pretending
That life without you will be just fine
Tonight I'm asking you girl to be my angel

Everywhere I see your face
I can't take you off my head
You're the one I think of
Everytime I sleep alone in my bed
No words can express it
You're the one who seems to quench my thirst
You're my angel
My only saviour free me of this lonely curse

I feel like hypnotized
Whenever I look into your smiling eyes

The way you touched my lips
And everytime you sway your hips

Be my angel, angel of mercy baby
Have mercy on this poor little devil
Take me to your paradise
Be my angel of mercy tonight

I can't seem to have enough of you
I'm addicted to your rush
You shoot a load of love in my heart
In a tender fashion gush
I feel like I'm in a trance
Everytime you take me to your special place

A world made for the two of us
You're my amazing grace
You've made me realize
I'd lay my life to sacrifice
The way you touched your lips
It's a magic spell mystic kiss

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